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lirik lagu 52 bars, pt. 1 – kz- hinton


you know it’s 52 bars, i gotta lay it down for them
everybody still hating
yeah, but y’all gone see
yeah we out here

in my zone
dodging all these bullets that these b-tches throwing
how she got the time to talk about me when she always blowing?
sh-t is sad and i ain’t tryna argue with a bunch of hoes
you tryna flex like you the sh-t, but b-tch, you never wash your clothes
i’m never patient, b-tch you got a boyfriend, why you sucking d-ck?
i’ll tell you to your face that you a wh-r-, so why you tryna trip?
f-ck you and that other dyk- so please don’t let me catch you slip
make you disappear, i had the city doing magic tricks
i’m going in, how you think you popping? you ain’t fit my schedule
you just like that one b-tch with that forehead, b-tch, you not that special
b-tch, you tried to send me nudes in school, so don’t you f-cking try me
you was never clean, you out here sucking d-ck at young life parties
switching up, n-gg-s claim they got me but they really dissing
but i’m ’bout to spazz while i expose because i’m on a mission
[?], when i come around it ain’t no talking out
little n-gg-s d-ckriding each other, make them walk it out
real talk, n-gg-s don’t be balling but their mouth stay open
n-gg- think he nice but really suck just like the f-cking coaches
b-tches at my school, they hating on me, but they really want me
wilson filled with p-ssy, probably why these n-gg-s won’t confront me
back to back, if you friend a ho don’t let her hook you up
[?] don’t be talking, cause at wilson, you the biggest sl-t
f-cked her after homecoming, had me feeling on her b-tt
52 bars to let these cheating b-tches know what’s up
flow is f-cking sick, man, i think i’m feeling ruthless
how you say i’m trash when you got fingered on the school bus?
never stopping, rednecks always talking till i shut them down
bust a couple bullets, won’t be kicking when i come around
cut his head off just like a chicken when i run him down
got a dime, tried to warn that n-gg- when he ran his mouth
never taking ls ’cause all my n-gg-s do is hand them out
ready for them, why these n-gg-s talking on the internet?
i don’t need no fans, i run this f-cking game and never sweat
turn around, everybody know how kz gone get down
i’m the f-cking king, don’t give a sh-t, so where my f-cking crown?
p-ss them off, coming at your neck, so how you feeling now?
kz always drippy when he talk, i think he need a towel
i’m a savage, why she sucking d-ck [?]? she whoring
i ain’t got no heart, i took his girl, that n-gg- h-lla boring
tryna come to me so you can vent, b-tch i ain’t dr. phil
[?] body pictures, man we know that b-tch ain’t [?]
f-ck the court system, they can’t get me, ain’t no name’s a threat
f-ck this racist school, they focused on me like my name was test
when it ain’t no face, it ain’t no case, they tryna top my level
listening to music with my strap, i keep my heavy metal
b-tch you thought, someone [?], it’s like she came to lose
how you claim you [?] when my n-gg-s ran a train on you?
should’ve known you was just a ho just like the f-cking rest
couldn’t put the team on, ’cause she h-lla wack at giving neck
she just sucking d-ck, but she claim that she a church girl
second block thot, i know you hear me on this verse girl
two-faced, say you want to f-ck me, i would never touch
guess i’ll let y’all know, she f-cked my n-gg- for a couple bucks
stds, stay away, we need them walls like donald trump
evaluation, b-tch, i speak the truth without no hesitation
n-gg-s faking, got you n-gg-s shook, i got you contemplating
b-tches hating, side b-tch for [?], you ugly b-tch, pretending
talking like a man, but you a woman, b-tch, just pick your gender
you a ho, how you f-ck with me, then f-ck my n-gg- too?
you a [?] musician, ’cause we know you like to blow the flute
why you walk around like you ain’t p-ss around them stds?
time to give it up and tell them girls that you a wannabe
we out here, test me if you want, i’m spitting h-lla bars
you the b-mmest rapper in the valley, i be going hard
f-ck a feature, how you tryna charge me when you h-lla wack
who the f-ck is lil z? b-tch it’s kz on the f-cking track