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lirik lagu 420 – kzluv


lighter flickers
puff and inhales


man i am high af , f-ck sh-t
uhhhhhhhh sh-t sup man
nothing much man, sup
with you man, we good
420 i am at peace
d-mn now i know why
hippies so peaceful
d-mn , i am so high
sh-t, i feel floated like
a balloon in sky
i reach for tha sky
i am out sp-ce
y’all down to earth
h-llo from sp-ce
i ace this
rappers saying grace sh-t
i am to high sh-t, d-mn sh-t
i feel at ease, i am pleased but still
sobbing baby come back i want
u back in my life, plz come back to
me i feel missing with out you
baby you complete me ,without you
i am nothing without you, i can’t go on with out you cause baby i love so much not to leave you i am praying to god that
we can be together again and i am again starting to lose my faith , i am nothing without you baby , baby plz come back d-mn i miss ypu alot i cry when i think of you that’s always and i can’t stop thinking of you baby, cause were meant be