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lirik lagu lone soul – l1ls04pb4r


lone soul
ya leave me lone soul
black hole it’s like a black hole
ya find me
ya love me
ya fight me
ya hate me
ya friend me
ya break me
ya k!ll me
you leave me!
empty chat. where we used to talk
empty street where we used to walk
slide out of the dms
the loneliness begins
even the weekends
no more fun pms

[mob buster]
lone soul, lone soul
add you but my friends list is full
remember from the past
speed city, goin’ fast
but roblox friendships don’t seem to last
where’d you go?
why’d you leave?
s04py’s bro
you we need
rari’s blow
extreme speed
get the fire
sadness goes
wholesome memes
one last note
please don’t leave

[prime time]
lone soul, lone soul
left me in my lone soul
i can’t breath
choking on weed
but that sh*t was the worst though
i’ll go, i’ll go
told the people i’d go
but that promise didn’t stay
just had to say
no h0m*
we need to get out
with the fill out
that will cut my ass though
i don’t care
i’ll do anything
to have you as my friend bro