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lirik lagu 1992 interlude – l6vish


bumpin nas when i cruise past this that boom bap
say they wanting 92 back and i can do that
most think they on a smooth path and get they tooth cracked
remember nights when the booth packed
we smoking boof pack
all i wanted was do rap then i proved that
said they really want the crew back we got the crew back
i’m all 100 only blue stacks we thumbin blue racks
young lex i’m on the move past
i gotta a new jag
if i say i love you then i mean it
dont never break it or leave it
sh*t we walk across a world
people fake and they scheming
people snake and get even
they relate to they demons
and escape on the weekends
at a point i bust back
is you real is you cap
heard yo sh*t it was wack
can’t compare the cat
never flew in first class
but i flew off da pack
i’m tryna fly off the map
fall back get relaxed
girl don’t hit me wit that
she on my phone baby give me it back
ain’t pay a penny for that
i put my heart in these tracks
girl don’t tell me i don’t
it was written i wrote
b*tch sincerely the goat
then i passed it bro
most jus pass it and go
but i master this throne
jus to capture the glow
much different than most
watch yo lip when speak up
gotta keep the piece tucked
boy been talking crazy sh*t i’d hate
to see him pieced up
ran em out they place and now they asking when lease up
real k!llers move in silence with the violence they just creep up
lately baby tryna copy my cadence
tryna find where i’m staying
you take what i made
and you can’t take what i’m making
u sipping mo wet
don’t wish no death
on n0body i don’t hope death
this that prometh
what you drinking
what you thinking
you been in a sequence
preaching to your demons
well sh*t somebody gotta help u out
tell him heaven is up
and h*ll go down
so don’t you sell no ounce
don’t you sell no pounds
thinking you could get out
before your time runs out