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lirik lagu 53 – la mique


[ian mcdonald]

yo no funny sh-t.. not, not.. no funny sh-t
even a couple weeks ago i was just where you were like
it feel like the world closing on you
you got a f-cking whole in your chest
ain’t n-body in your corner
don’t n-body understand but no funny sh-t bro

i understand cause i know exactly how that sh-t feel bro


you just gotta keep fighting my n-gg-
dont quit fighting

cause whatever n-body say
whatever feeling inside
you just keep fighting my n-gg-
cause if you feel like that sh-t is real my n-gg-

fight for it

and if you keep beating in that sh-t into her head my n-gg-
its gon’ break down like the berlin n-gg-

you gon’ be gucci n-gg- everything gon’ be gucci
just keep fighting for your girl my n-gg-

i’m here for you as much as you want my n-gg- because
i wish someone was there like that for me

so whatever you need my n-gg-, anything
just hit my line bro i got you
because i’ll do anything to make sure my fam is happy my n-gg-

[la mique]

yeah ian i got you, you my brother man

[ian mcdonald]

squad gotta be gucci before i’m gucci

[verse – la mique]

wish that you was out here with the boys wilding making noise
got me going crazy scrolling up and down our conversations just to hear your voice

don’t think it’s hard for god to pick a pois’
to think he’d ever choose you that’s just the weirdest choice

but i’m guessing that he got a plan
and so i understand
he need you for a battle, show em that you man

you made sure that no one was sad
your words alone was enough to carry the homies on your back like some shoulder pads

you made my vision clearer standing in the mirror
there ain’t nothing that i’m scared of
ain’t n-body blocking in my view

and my camera helped me see you as the worlds next lawrence taylor
yeah but now you the heaven ray lew

yeah and if you see my brother david
tell him i’m glad he made it
he probably up there shooting hoops yeah cause that’s his favorite

i still hear the chants in my head
we still out here screaming yeah lamique
never on our knees we just laugh instead

p-ss the bread
p-ss the bread
n-gg-s broke
p-ss the bread

sleep is for the rich and so
i ain’t going back to bed

ima keep on working till it’s working for us
send this to the mustangs for the f-cking warm up

yeah, summer time, on the couch, chilling at vidal’s
who’d’ve known you’d be the one up in the stars

if trouble come my way i know that you would give a call
yeah but it ain’t coming to me you said everything is gucci for real

[ian mcdonald]

im probably not breaking it to you clear enough
but like one day i will like
probably tomorrow when i’m sober and sh-t but yo

all i can tell you right now is just
fight for your girl cause thats your girl !
feel me ?

i don’t care what n-body say
they gon’ tell you “forget about her, move on”
nah my n-gg- thats your girl !
you gon’ fight for her !

but it gets better no funny sh-t like
im not gonna tell you time is gon’ make it heal
because n-gg-s gon’ tell you that f-ck sh-t

i know exactly how you feel like
1 hour is like 1 year

fight for it
you gon’ be gucci n-gg- everything gon be gucci !

[la mique]

this is what ian would’ve wanted