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lirik lagu dear rosa – labelle


dear rosa

said i’ve got something to say
my dear lady,
dear rosa,
i want to say what’s on my mind
i’m writing you a letter
with love and hope in every line
i try not to think about the pain
but how your sacrifice will reign
dear rosa,
who would believe?
so hot and tired
what made you decide?
that you would rather die
than just stand so someone else could ride
and prove that lie again
that the color of our skin made us less than other men
dear rosa,
sit down servant
come on in
how long? will this hate go on?
change our lives and now you’re gone
somebody said, and still the cross is burned.
dear rosa,
the spirit will yearn.
sitting down in the front of the bus
you made a stand for all of us
you didn’t move when they called you names
you knew that a mind was the hardest thing to change.
living in a line, your freedom denied,
after malcolm, martin and john gave their life.
dear rosa,
it’s so hard not to cry
dear rosa,
you didn’t live to see the day we talked to one another
regardless of the color of our skin
or the gods we believed in
when i look around and see people filled with pain
dear rosa,
how did you keep your faith?
yes, tell me
how long, will this go on?
you changed our lives
now your gone away, goneeeeeeee
somebody says, and still the cross is burned.
dear rosa,
the spirit will yearn.

[chorus: (background)]

dear rosa,
oh we miss you yes, yes we do
uh huh, oh the trials and troubles
regardless of the right things to do
what a wonderful woman
i am so glad
rosa, you sat down.

[chorus: (background)]

rosa, tell will we ever ride
where would i be, rosa if you did not believe
keep the memory; you’ve been a blessing to me
i want the world to sing, oh

[chorus: (background)]

rosa oh, you have been good to me
change our lives
oh the pride that i feel and i know that it?s real
somebody say, hey hey
dear rosa,
you sat on down
i’ll keep saying it
yes you did
tell me somebody
dear rosa [repeat 6x’s]

rosa, i don’t know where i’d be, but i know yes indeed.
change our lives, and the pride that i feel, yes i know that it’s real.
somebody say, dear rosa,