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lirik lagu 1 am – labios


here i go again speaking to whoever f*ck is listening
extracting off of my dome whatever sh*t is still in there
just thoughts, no hoes, talking to my phone like it’s a friend
what time is it one am, windows open wind blowing
feels good to have a nice night talk with the realest fan
like i’m just, i don’t know man letting the flow in ? something to let me breath… and purge my soul n’
exorcise me from them ghosts behind me, snowballing rolling
maybe its just my mind playing games to keep me going
i don’t know
all i do’s that i’m feeling dull, maybe i am just feeling al… nooo i don’t wanna think about that
that sh*t would get me real low f*cked up and feeling down bad

and these times, my only therapist is my rap spat on this boom bap track and that mesmerising sound of rainy drips you can’t forget about that, and this melo jazzy sh*t healing the scars of irak
my subconscious and conscious fighting and it’s always like that
what a mental war, subconscious acting like a wh0re when there is benefit
getting hurt for anything sooo conscious trynna keep control
working soo hard constantly just to keep a form..

now, skip to two nights after once more having a dream about her
this time when she took my hand i started tearing up, its sad bruh
and it’s the second time having the same exact dream, its more painful than seems
cus i don’t want her in my life but i’m, achin without her, or it’s maybe about love
maybe it’s affection i’m lacking, she used to give me lots of… whatever…

cus after all that effort wow sh*t just seems f*cking absurd
but it’s all over now it’s just me, against the world

then f*ck it, lemme just keep vibing to this melody i’m riding til the death of me arrives and til my energy is rotting, anyways i’ll keep surviving
through this music staying for eternity around here
and i just be waiting for the sun like “when you rising ?”
cus all i see is darkness, black clouds on the horizon
i’m running outta patience sh*t is driving me crazy, the weather’s foggy and hazy and i don’t really know what to do with everything that i’m in

anyways i’ll just forget about it keep going with the flow
don’t mind me it’s okay as long as this wind still blows
thanks for listening, now gotta go like adios
sincerly yours… it was labios, i’m out