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lirik lagu ‎hall of fame – ​lade


with that b*tch the other day, yeah
yeah, we been up but we got h*lla ways
in the the states i’m blowing funds lil’ b*tch we counting k
huh, you is not my gang lil’ boy stay out my way
going up she see that sh*t she coming in she late
he ain’t klan can’t f*ck with him that n*gga lame
been out the way but they lade changed
h*hall of fame i need a couple rings
if i go down b*tch i’m hitting stains
t*talkin down up on the net we pop out at your name
look we trying to make it to the top boy this ain’t no game
see hoe got no shame, you a no name
say we got h*lla’ drops we don’t play no games
see we just shot at cars we don’t need no aim
ain’t speeding in no cars i was switching lanes
said plenty timеs i’m gone die for mines
call mе “crash*out” cause i done lost my mind
expensive eats b*tch we don’t dash*n*dine
had to kick her out cause this hoe out of line

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