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lirik lagu 1995 – lafayette stokely


1995 1995 19-19-1995 1995
thinking to myself motherf-cker
my one band motherf-cker
i’m a cool one brother

back in 1995 i was turning 3,
where the pamp on my -ss and joints on my feet,
tryin to get a bite in, no baby said you’re watching me, i’m chillin’ with my cousins,
thinking to myself on one band, mothaf-cka
i’m one cool little brotha, my daddy told me ..
told me take care of my family,
one day i’ll be the man
i’m the man and i’m the vises, just playin and start to rappen
back in 1995 whoever saw this happen,
slowly made to share my p-ssion, once i sing what i can do with it,
get my mama mansion likes my daddy with the newest whips
dream my girl the diamonds, tiffany was supplied the hoe,
fully you say my name when you debating who’s the hottest?
but i’m not just in it for the profit,
i’m tryin’ to inspire brothers and make it out the projects,
i’m tryin to inspire .. to livin life like goddesses
take em on a journey like martin luther and gandhi,
yeah, but i won’t turn up the chick, nah
stokley carmichael telling me to speak, so i’ma give em the truth,
my .. is boof and they can say i have them sent,
blast from the past like can’t go ..
these .. who let em in, i’ma point em out before they heard a n-gg- flow the game
but they are going through the drolls see,
yeah their bars cool, but what the f-ck they talkin’ bout,
i’m talkin’ bout the 90, 5 sh-t, let them began lie sh-t,
and .. don’t collect, steppin .. like the ..
jet setting and attend em, words the ..
i’m like the bridge through your window, ’cause i just keep it real,
so f-ck that sh-t you’re talking bout,
country -ss n-gg-, but i’m living in the city now the home of the greatest
me and young king yellin’ brooklyn yeah we made it,
matter of fact, where brooklyn, boy
see that, we ’bout to take it all here believe that
so don’t believe the height because these n-gg-s just frontin’
they talk a lot of sh-t, but really they ain’t sayin nothing,
and see these dudes fed away, they ’bout to talk us brand ..
’cause i’m not marijuana puffin but i’m fly there’s no discussion
but i am really i ain’t hustlin’
tryin to make a name for me and mine
so if you think different, and i guess that means i’m doing fine ,
’cause back in 1995 i was turning counting 3
with a paintball in my -ss and shoes on my feet.

1995 1995 19-19-1995 1995
take it to myself my one band motherf-cker
i’ma cool up problem, one band motherf-cker,
1995 1995 1995 19-19-1995 1995
i’ma cool up problem, one band motherf-cker.