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lirik lagu 41st side – lake


we ain’t going platinum, we ain’t going gold
we going diamond, ten million sold
bars n hooks (bars n hooks)
goodfellas (goodfellas)
done deal (done deal)
41st side going diamond (41st side)


now what we rep, the 41st side
until we die, the 41st side (yo dun)
we only ride with the 41st side (cuz)
cuz we only gon’ survive with the 41st side

[bigga du]
it go, one for the money, two for the ?way?
three is for the thangs that makes ya body bleed
four, we want more
bars n hooks, done deal, goodfellas, n-gg-s we droppin off
forever poppin, alb-m droppin and we coppin
escalades, navi’s sittin on blades
we got it made, so n-gg-s join this team
we earn these checks its a queensbridge thing
rep the hill, where duns blow steel
f-ck a record deal we independent forreal
lake luchi, bigga du from qb
40th side of the dime and tenth street
though i’m more than gold, this alb-m plaque for me
if you really wanna know its artillery’s beat
f-ck an invoice you get my verse for free
f-ck an invoice you get my verse for free

[fly tye]
aiyyo aiyyo, cop c-ke, cook it, estimate fractions
choppin rocks, no more hand to hand transactions
either rap or crack in gonna get me rich
thats why i choose loot over my b-tch (thats real)
and its f-cked how i be and how i feel
i live by two codes: get dough and don’t squeal
don’t kiss -ss, take no sh-t, and won’t ???
pants saggin low, loose cracks, toes steel
and ain’t no n-gg- this n-gg- won’t kill
but everybody got guns and all guns kill
and i’m gon’ get you first and hit you worst
can you relate to the realness said in this verse

[chorus x2]

[don alon, mike delorean aka hooks]
[da] what up delorean?
[md] what up don alon lets get money
[da] lets show ’em how we get down
[md] yo dun, you still hungry?
[da] dun i’m starvin, shootin, killin, robbin
any n-gg- f-ck with hooks n bars is
gettin it with guns and bats, knives and machetes
[md] nah nah nah, these n-gg-s ain’t ready
[da] nah nah, these motherf-ckin n-gg-s ain’t ready
[md] it get crunk, ya’ll get shot, stabbed, plucked
stomped out, knuckle down pound and bucked
[da] it get thug, you’ll get slugged, you’ll get plugged
[md] we got guns, we got duns
[da] the bridge is back up, back up, up off for rap
[md] d’s on our d-ck n-gg-, we up off crack
cuz we stack every dollar, and save every sent
[da] we about to buy the bridge and lower everybodies rent
and holidays we get clothes for everybodies kids
[md] it’s the bridge, the bridge, the the, the bridge
everybody know what hood this is
[da] and who we are, hooks n bars
oops, bars n hooks, don alon
we fresh out the hood superstars
n-body front, n-body get robbed
[md] cuz we ain’t got time for trust (nope)
cuz we bars anonymous, all we got is us

[chorus x2]

bars n hooks rep the 41st side
don alon rep the 41st side
mobb deep rep the 41st side
the n-o-y-d rep the 41st side
infamous mobb rep the 41st side
done deal rep the 41st side
lake luchi rep the 41st side
my n-gg- super ed rep the 41st side
big ox rep the 41st side
my n-gg- tah rep the 41st side
big adoo rep the 41st side
first born rep the 41st side
infamous records rep the 41st side
crom fam rep the 41st side
v.p. rep the 41st side
forty side of vernon rep the 41st side
forty side of ten rep the 41st side
forty side of twelth rep the 41st side
gambo rep the 41st side
fugee rep the 41st side
black ed rep the 41st side
tyay rep the 41st side
my n-gg- spank rep the 41st side
killer black rep the 41st side
my n-gg- corey rep the 41st side
my n-gg- marty rep the 41st side
h.d. rep the 41st side
big kiesha rep the 41st side
shakiesha rep the 41st side
ill will with the 41st side
wee wop with the 41st side
grampa sonny with the 41st side
cousin bing rep the 41st side
my n-gg- lloyd rep the 41st side
floyd rep the 41st side
n-gg- bar kim rep the 41st side