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lirik lagu insurrection – lamb of god



when the walls fall around you is when you begin to find
that the depths you have found have become now too hard to climb
you reconcile your pain in the loneliest refrain
and crawl tied and bound to the one thing you can’t leave behind
and start over again this insurrection
the same reflection. perpetual
and start over again and again and again and again
this insurrection.
a broken voice without a word to live by
eyes slammed shut watch the world go by
it should have been way better than this
you can’t antic-p-te the things that you miss
and how long til you let it go
master unreality nothing to show and in the end
top of the mountain of nowhere
first in the line dying to get back there
you can’t get back there.
first in the line to catch a glimpse of the shrine
the closest we ever got to divine
irrefutable indisputable infallible impossible to de



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