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lirik lagu 100 kilos – lance garza


[lance garza]
i’ve been moving slow mo
boy they call me loco
i don’t blow this coco
but i drink some lean tho
i shiver when i swallow
my chest is f*cking hollow
gonna die tomorrow
think im gonna overdose on purpose
break the f*cking surface
im so nervous
cause its me versus the circus
think im gonna make the purchase
i still think i worthless
but i don’t give a f*ck about it
when are you gonna acknowledge

smoke 10 grams
pop 4 xans
i got in my hands
hundred kilograms

red glasses sun blocking
beats steady knocking
idk why isn’t it alarming to anyone
but the reasons are
im not the person who you can entertain
i don’t need advice, let me learn on my own mistakes

walther in my pocket
got the key think imma lock em
in my bas*m*nt they a target
when they say my homies f*cked up

they don’t like it when i pull up on an uzi
they do drugs so they miss every shot
and i start shooting

you and your b*tch broke up
how sad
little did you know that the same day
you broke up with her she was at my house listening to my songs

hide your lies who you tryna fool
b*tch im a homie not a f*ckin tool
when you drown i’m chillin at the pool
you got no chances you just a little dude ya