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lirik lagu 2 dragonz watching a candy forest burn – lance markeith


yo! oooh! oooh! oh! (heh) its like this
i said, walkin’ down the block with a jazzy way
no one on the corner had the type of swagger that i had today
lookin’ fresh (and um) feelin’ right (huh*uh)
it’s mr. girls show out when this n*gga on the mic
in a jazzy way (in such a jazzy way) in such a jazzy way (rpt)

(you can’t f*ck with him he’s the man!)
wobblin’ outta the country, this is more than peter pan
we fly brothers together
might travel to the strip club and give it some tropical weather
f*ck with a chicken head and ruffle and knock a few feathers
and then i’m just gone with the wind
so if we ever f*cking meet again it was meant to happen
i was meant to give you this tape when they told me just stick to rapping
and now my eyes stuck up on a million
all y’all rappers caught up in tryna get f*cked up off a feeling
and i’m tryna make a k!llin’
have a pair a chill’n
and tell em fly through the ceiling
i love biggie but f*ck it the sky wasn’t the limit
tell em to grab a few stars
and don’t stop till you get it
in a jazzy way (rpt)

man f*ck this sh*t i go, i go, i go on and on
i, i
i wrote this sh*t
but now i’m like f*ck it
let me spit off the top
i’m raining buckets
y’all n*ggas ain’t stopping it
y’all like stop this kid
when he start rhyming and he’s not as sick
yall spitting and looking at him like d*mn
im not as sick as him to stick with him
i’m like i f*ck with them
but imma stick with him
the kid that be spazzin’
on every single track
and blow the h*rn and blow the tuba
like he snappin’, now he spazzin’
look from florida state, to famu
and tcc the d*mn crew
is so thick, den n*ggas sticked in
i don’t want no seeds or no sticks in my weed
when ya roll it up and blow it up
and hold it up and hold a nut up in ya face
and blow it up you know who tough
you know this us, you know this us
it’s babblon just notice us
it’s fat as f*ck when the blunts is passing around
b*st*rd just found it godd*mn
y’all like it cause this b*st*rd done found
all the type of flows, i write the flow
yall hype this n*gga write the flow
and how the f*ck he write the flow
that’s a keyword he didn’t
he spitting off his brain
and everything he’s spitting’s insane
sh*t this kid is a thing
nah he’s talking about the fads and the fashions
and the b*st*rd just pastors the flows
and the past few years i’m k!llin’ it
now i’m really getting caught in my feelings with
alla these n*ggas and they sentiments
and now i’m reeking flows written quotes
and y’all rating bout how this n*gga flows
well this hottest n*gga goes
i’m walking round, walking
i said, walkin’ down the street in such a jazzy way (in a jazzy)
no one on the corner had the kinda swagger that i had today
lookin’ fresh (and um) feelin’ right
yeah this n*gga’ll be alright
i said, walkin’ down the street in such a jazzy way
no one on the corner had the type of swagger that i had today
lookin’ fresh (lookin’ fresh) feelin’ right (feelin’ right)
yeah this n*gga’ll be alright (alright)
in a jazzy way (in such a jazzy way) in such a jazzy way (rpt)

this what ya waiting for
this n*ggas hot this satan flow
ya basic flow ya basic though
ya basic ho be ha*ha*hatin’ though
just keep on hating so
this n*gga could use it as fuel
i’m just using these n*ggas just like a tool
cause they hoe ass n*ggas
that no getting that dough ass n*ggas
don’t ask n*gga (yo past n*gga)
it’s like middle fingers to you and yo past n*gga
bass n*gga
i’on even know with that sh*t no more man