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lirik lagu m-side outro – langston bristol


and this concludes the m*side odyssey i brought you on
whether you from the m or anywhere else, you know i
i believe everybody can relate on some level, you know
both pain and joy hits everybody, you know, in unexpected way
whether you from the hoods, suburbs, rich, poor, white or black
you know everybody got their own story, an odyssey
all our stories connect to create one giant tall tale
this message out to thе real g’s, politicians, lovers, haters, punks, fightеrs, everybody, man
much love
let’s work together instead of against, you know
sh*t, i ain’t got much else to say
just keep it pushing, man
i got my thing, everybody got their own thing to do
let’s keep moving, unite
everybody part of the same story at the end of the day
this has been m*side odyssey