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re-caffeinate - language lab lyrics


7 a.m. been awake since 6
but my brains in the mix, untill i’ve had my fix
it isn’t anything, or sniff, or burn
i’m talking ’bout the stuff that makes the wheels of industry turn
those arabica, brazilian, colombian crops
with a cup or two inside i pull out all the stuffs
espresso, cappuccino from rich, roast beans to smell the steam
it’s like a dream for caffeine beans
so if you know what i mean
to get the grounds moist
i’m have a job because it’s good for my voice
and when it brew, then i will be renewed, i feel my soul infuse with a whole new mood
so come on, let me taste the brown silk
good and strong baby, just hold thе milk (milk, milk, milk)
and hurry up ’cause i can’t wait till re*caffeinatе
yeah, re*caffeinate

now i don’t care if you think i’m a fool when i
consider coffee a creative tool when i
elevator to a flavored roll
’cause the full, firm flavor just feeds my soul whem i’m
in pursuit of that elusive phrase will you
can’t overestimate the role it plays to do
like i do and let’s make a date
get a coffee and a cup and just re*caffeinate

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