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lirik lagu glass top roof (the one) – lavarr the starr & shabazz palaces


baby whatchu doin’?
aight let me come scoop you up
i don’t know let’s roll around and listen to some jams or somethin
aight i’m on my way

glass top roof let the sun blow x3
yeah its the boy so she gon’ go
glass top groove let the wind blow x3
grab the coup go and scoop then we in flow

this one that you rock with your girl yeah
this one that you rock with your girl
this one that you rock

if your girl ain’t no stuck up square lil b*tch
and she stay floss on hair mind state getting chips
and she tell you when your boy try throwing her a pitch
ask her “babe what should i do?” first thing she say “go dig his ditch”
aww sh*t triple lit got that spot you like to hit
she’s so fly need no lie she love you the way you is
talk ’bout kids pop out dipped bring her somеthing from the fridge
you not jeal what shе tell you you know that’s what it is
pick her friend up from work for her man she know y’all ain’t gon’ f*ck
told you bout old boy that work with her said “babe please don’t go buck”
took the passion and the l*st and dipped it all in trust
it’s an issue? y’all discuss
then you make her scream and cuss
read some books and talk with her
lay up laughing and spark with her
tell your cousins down south bout your girl
buy her fur
this one that you rock with her
this one that you rock with your girl

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