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lirik lagu diamonds r 4ever – lavel


[intro: lavel]
diamond cutz (it’s live)
volume 2
let’s have some fun (yo, la to the d*e*t)
(listen) it’s not all about you n*gga, listen (naw i can’t stand it man)
let’s go

[verse 1: lavel]
put your money where your mouth is
you jealous green n*ggas
first thing smokin’, first class tv dinners
i ain’t stoppin til the cataclysms clap at you
heat it up boy, that’s why your b*tch call me boo
so i had to cut ’em up, cuz most of these cats whack
take one and another for 100% stacks
this what you call a movement, with no control
lavel and diamond cutz, the whole d*mn show
that’s what they called it when they seen it but you didn’t wanna listen
expose the weak, move them aside for that position
when you cut a diamond track, therе ain’t no way you can lose
when you f*ck a diamond b*tch, you doin’ what i do
forevеr*ever, i seen it forever comin’
now i feel it in my stomach, 100 miles and runnin’
i ain’t even tired yet, i’m a m*th*f*ckin’ problem
listen while we show you m*th*f*ckas how to solve it
[verse 2: king gordy, lyric]
ay yo i eat, sleep, and breathe rap
while you drink pee and eat cr*p
please believe we’ll bring the d back
i am the king of horror
i’m here to bring you more of the things you need to bleed we will give the order
i speak vietnamese when i’m smokin’ wit my squad
we sleep in the trees so we could be closer to god
and when i say god i mean proof, from d12
that’s why we rebel and give you h*ll i inhale the weed, tell
then go and look for the remains of lucifer, tryin’ to see where he fell
from the heavens above i will shed blood, for my own death to say i was dead once
red rum, i move mountains i raise the waves of oceans
i’m too cloudy, d*mn this haze is cold and
i am king gordy, he is mr. heart
i’ll write the story, he’ll play the part
in an oscar*winning performance, sh*t is enormous
came from sittin on corners, flippin’ them quarters
we hate you b*tches and wh0res that ain’t into horror
we into cuttin’ your faces, ripped and torn up
i been to many places diggin’ the floor up so my fans can get crazy
wait ’til the tour comes
(lavel n*gga)
yeah, we dub him on as the king of horrorcore!

[outro: lavel]
yeah gordy, this diamond cutz n*gga
volume 2
you know what it is
the tour
the future of the game
king gordy
pay attention, this is the game now



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