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lirik lagu arts & crafts – lawsuits


yeah, the teacher really likes me
this could be the year i really get lucky
i hope my thoughts don’t appear too clear on my face
that’s why my sungl-sses are on my head

spilled the milk so the honey takes notice
i act lost to start conversation at all costs
i’m looking for a woman to be this boys one and only someone

here we are, gather round
gonna make it stick with all the pages glued
mom and dad will surely be proud
wait, turn around
it is true, i have five more surprises i can show to you
arts and crafts always please a crowd

despite learning nothing
i know the tempo for her heart’s about 83
till the pen dries up, every word will be dedicated to her

shake a little, be a spider if you have to
collect coins to make it seem worth you
wait, did you think empty pockets are cool to a woman north of eighteen?