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lirik lagu who are you, pt. ii [acapella] – lay on the pedal™


verse 1:
luck is wearing thin
keep on knocking so why won’t you let me in
keep climbing even with the lack of oxygen
i tend to get depressed when all these thoughts get in
yeah i’m fussing again
should be putting my trust in him
it feels like no pain no gain just suffering
devilish thoughts are so disgusting man
beating the dog, that’s why i got cuts on my hand, d*mn
what up fam, i’m doing it
uh, i’m losing it
i’d secure my head if only the d*mned screws would fit
that’s why they stay loose
f*ck giving a truce
sorry i stuck around for this abuse
inside all day i’m such a recluse
would hang out but what is the use
same day most flakе i thought we were noosе
around a neck, tight
paul van dyk*
that’s how you painted the picture
life, you can’t take it witcha
listen, when can i meet my sista
lisa, i’m itching, i miss ya though i never met ya
i’m tripping
looking through these scriptures for an answer to get up out of h*ll’s kitchen
till then my question is