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lirik lagu hunger pains – layover


on the day that you told me you finally saw me at my lowest. i’d never want you to know just how much i was hurting ’cause it’s nothing compared to what you’re facing. you’d never want it to show

the way you look at me it’s like you know that i’m not being myself this week. i hid all of these pills, ’cause i know finding them would eat you from the inside. you’ve got enough on your mind tonight

while you’re dying i’ve been moaning about hunger pains. this is nothing like you face every day that you live your life. i’m not worth your time but i’ll hold on to anything. i’m not worth your time

i’ve never seen my brother cry before. it helped put all these things into perspective. have i always been this selfish? i’m never going back there

when you told me to be your anchor, i said “i’m perfect for the job”, ’cause as it turns out i’ve a heavy heart that i can’t stop from sinking. i don’t want to bring you down here with me. i’m weak and i’m hopeless

take me back to when i used to feel more like myself. i’m sick of haunting this house. it’s been over a year now and the pills just didn’t help. i’m a shadow of the person that’s never coming back