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lirik lagu god on my side – lazarus! (christian)


yeah i don’t even got no stress cause i already know that i got god on my side
i got god on my side
i got god on my side
[verse 1]
aye gang! no need for the glock on my side when the rock on my side, when the rock on my side when i’m walking outside
i be fightin my thoughts
i be rockin the lies
i be servin the rock wit no pride
sometimes, i still be strugglin
you see the look in my eyes when i’m hooked on a lie
i’m tryna fish for the men not fish for the sin
if i catch it got cut off the line
i gotta cut off my hand if it’s makin mе trip
gotta gouge out my eye if it’s makin mе slip
no pink but i give a jezzy the slip
no rink she ice cold i gotta skate
i walk wit my eyes closed walkin in faith
i’m in the cut and i don’t wanna face time
no i can’t waste time
i gotta be seeking his face
god move me out the way
i’m tryna tell ‘em bout living water but they wanna ride on the wave
they want me to put my heart on ice but i can’t rod on the wave
i see sin trying to give me a slice but i don’t wanna piece of the cake
my god beckon don’t wanna sale like kate
cunning i go ham like cade
bible a ar i keep a cade. devil try play (but you don’t scare me)
i gotta watch who i keep in my company. following god gotta watch who accompany
i gotta guard all the people that come with me
they say bad company corrupts good character, and i’m still tryna work on my character
so why would i hang around characters that be making me sick like a carrier inside?
but i can’t see it yet
till i’m in the situation and it grow like a chia pet and you see a mess
and i tell god that i repent when i see sin in this season
i let it creep in through the defense
now i’m deep in in some deep sin
i gotta reason not to resent myself for liking the recents or the messages that i resent
ain’t no condemnation in jesus
tell me what you want, cause i don’t know
devil you not hard. you don’t scare me
no room in my heart for the sin. i’m moving on
i’m better than this
[verse 2]
i’m better than this, so why do i keep going back to the vomit
really the sin had me sick to my stomach
it was some things that i couldn’t even stomach
so i had to throw it up
i’m covered in blood right now, but back then i used to throw it up and i wasn’t even part of nothing
i’m tryna be part of something
now i’m jigging i’m part of the body
ain’t no swigging, no drink in my body
she wanna dance on the floor like ciara, think that her body a party
she wanna be bad naughty
then get mad when her soul knotted
want me to play tag, not it
i wanna p 31 and i just want our marriage to work out pilates
so i gotta work on myself
so i’m not attracting myself
wait so i’m not attracting someone with the same little habits that’s hurting my health
and i’m tryna stay in my blessings so the devil gon jack like a rabbit from h*ll
and i’m in the book and i’m reading on luke, when i’m shooting like babbit can’t sell
shout out to sammy he stay out gwinnett, but no i’m not talking cassell
jesus told me to carry a net, so if i’m on the water i sail
hop in the boat
i know what he wrote
he giving me hope i can’t fail
tell me what you want, cause i don’t know