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lirik lagu higher – lecrae


lead me higher, lead me higher,
and lift my eyes up, to the light when,
i can see all the pain coming, to an end
lead me higher, into your fire.
burn away all of the desires.
and let my heart, beat again.

i feel myself rising high above my yesterdays.
yes it pays just to praise standing in your rays.
sun shining reminding me that you rose
reminding me that i’m yours,
and wrapped in righteous robes,
closer that i get to you the higher that i feel.
it’s like my spirits been lifted outside the stratosphere.
when death is powerless and pain will never lay a claim
and all the world will proclaim, your name forever reigns.
put desire inside of the fire in my bones.
earth groans to see your return, take us home.
solo for so long, i’m sold on. you on the throne,
my life no longer my own, lead me higher.

uh, it’s friday morning, i’m up to early.
i’m up to high, the sky below me.
like i’m sitting in a plain feeling strange can’t explain,
how i get to experience these things.
been to plenty cities spent pretty pennies and ate plenty, fo
do a show, i come home and feel empty? no
it’s never me, i’m glad to say i’ve been changed like presidential campaigns.
used to wake up in the morning pursuing the wrong things,
now i wake up in the morning pursuing the lord’s name.
take me higher than the highest you’re my hope and my desire.
lifting me up high despite of this gravity lead me higher.

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