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lirik lagu open up the gates – lee north


(verse 1)
i am drowning in the pain
feels like i’m falling into a black hole
drinking all my pain away
i loved you with all my soul
and now it’s a dream
my heart is ice cold
we think everything is ok
but we always go our own way
feel like i’m in a dream, that i can’t wake up from
i gave you all of me, now i am so lonely
i can’t get you out, out of my mind
i think about you all the time
can you please help me

open up the gates here i come
take my sin, heaven awaits, angel i become
and i don’t know
how i’ll feel tomorrow
just know that tonight my soul should float away
i might finally be free from the pain, that i feel today

i keep on listenin’, i keep on dreamin’
i keep on thinkin’ of you
i don’t know what to do i feel like i am missin’ you
i just need you