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this has got to stop
i’m losing hours within moments
feel the time slipping away
dying slowly, day by day

looking for some answers
but with no idea as to who
i should be asking the questions
or even, what the questions are?

who the f*ck is yelling at me?
there is n0body around me
violence seems to be what i need
to silence the demons in me!

what was once a little thing
that i could over*look has become
something that i can’t contain
i’m frightened… but i’ll play!

i’ll just learn the rules as i go
keep it until next time, so i’ll know
somehow though, things always changе
it seems * nothing stays the same

tell mе when the game has ended
for now, i’ll lie down and play dead
left with too much time on my hands
i fall deeper into madness
(…this is all moving)
far too quickly for my liking
all these voices in my head are forever fighting
why can’t i allow myself a moments rest
i’d be happy if i wasn’t so f*ckin’ distressed!

everything seems all so surreal
don’t know what happened, or what will!?
open it up for all to see
everyone can see it but me

everything seem to be slipping away from me
seconds to minutes to hours, to one full day
all that i have left to show that i was here
you’ll never know
what if the answers are right here in front of me?
to bad i sewed my eyes shut, now i’ll never see
life begins when you know you’ll die
death is my reward for being alive!

tell me when the game has ended
i’ll lie down and play dead

lie down and play dead

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