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lirik lagu 1% – left behind


you left your friends and paved your way to the top with the sh-t you said you’d never do, i f-ckin believed in you
four years, a business degree, white picket fence and broken dreams

you said:

“i’ll never do that.”

you b-st-rd

“i’m doing what’s right.”

you coward

“this isn’t for me”

you f-cking liar

“it’s how you make it”

your mind’s corrupt, your only concern is not going bankrupt

might as well throw your ambition in a cage, we sell our souls or work for minimum wage

your only faith is in money
religion of dollars and cents
k!ll the poor, praise the wealthy
your salary is your fix

you let your self worth be fueled by the greed you hate
you signed the contract, sold your soul for the american dream

not til i’m ready to die, will i leave this behind
the only thing i put myself into
f-ck money, f-ck the 1%, f-ck you for even thinking i’d quit