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lirik lagu story – lene marlin


i heard about your story from a friend
to let go and make an end
that’s what you did

you left some words saying now it would be good
you knew they’d cry but you hoped they understood

things you’ve had to face, what you have seen
to make it through each day you tried
without the tears
they tried to help but they didn’t see you crawl

they knew you fought but they never thought you’d fall
never thought you’d fall

tell them please, how could they know
hurts inside, no scars to show
you played the lead and never once you failed

and the place from where you watch us now
hope you’ve found your peace somehow

i heard about your story through the years
know ’bout all your hurt and fears
i won’t forget

i wrote a song that i wish for you to hear
it’s about yourself and the life you couldn’t bear

i wanna remember all there’s about you
and i know there’s so much
i see all the faces

the tears and embraces
wish you could be here to see it too