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lirik lagu hustle – leo boys


verse 1
making them records, it sound like a banger/i’m keeping your bodies, so dry like a desert/i made from the bottom, i’m changing my answers/you look like a pro, you just  rap like a beaver/ words are not clear/ stop being a hater/ i’m taming my fears overcoming my anger/ i’m fly like a scuba the deeper the danger/ the deeper you go you get bodied by fakers/
sweeter you get you cheated by b*tches/ leave you the pain/ you just end up with stitches/
break you apart, with the moment you miss it/ now figure it out, are you mixing with sh*t heads/i’m not a filler/ throw you the snippets/ a man with some bars with his art he should feel it/right from the start i’m the alpha omega/subtile to my art, put you under my tanker/
i was into college/ getting lotta different knowledge/when you told me i just copy / nothing ever couldve stop me/now my girl dependent on me/it was hard to get some money/bitter badder with a pressure so they jumping on me
i’m boiling up the supervisions and i’m cooking in the kitchen can you feel the rhythm, i just hate em, i just k!ll em,let me put you in box, fire the shots i go k!ll em/put yo out that door on the floor like a villian/

hustle x5 f*ck em all x5

verse 2
k!ll it with ease and i even don’t even try / if you give me some beef then it better fried / then i’ll eat every piece and then sip on some wine / and i don’t sell no watches / i ain’t no time / what will happen / when this chap will come and rap and / be the reason due to which everybody be clappin / and the stamina fantastic / i’m a lyrical fanatic / i’ve been living at the attic / i’m not static i’m dynamic / i’ve been adding on some magic / so i levitate / cut like a razor blade / chill like it’s labour day / judge like a majestrate / sin at the heaven’s gate / f*ck with the devil’s date / not on my level mate / the stage let me detonate / yours flows be comic / and it makes me wanna vomit / cause you ain’t got it / ain’t nothing / i’m the one’s hand gunning / and the one who’s strangling / on the mic i’m mass hunting / cause i don’t want trash on it / and i’m pretty passionate / briging death to beats / i have to be / the best elite / don’t mess with me / you’ll rest in peace / i’m always sprinting for the lead / i want the scene and not a piece / i paint a scenery on lease / you wanna mirror me / oh please / you coming near me to teach / and bore my ears with your speech / it took me years to compete / with all the demons underneath / and now i’m gladly bound to preach / about the win and the defeat / and i go sin and then repeat / and you like cinnamon in tea / cause your someone i cannot see / bury emcees / leave their body by the beat / write their names in the grave / make they’re death concrete / with the fame and the name came the hate and the greed / and i’m back on the mic / i’m back to come feast / spitting facts that i like / i love to come speak / for me rap is the vibe / that makes my heart beat / don’t be mad when i’m high when i’m at my peak / k!lling tracks that i write / 8 days in a week / i’m gone

hustle x5 f*ck em all x5