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lirik lagu 18 freestyle – leon white


ay yall know that* yall know that man tyrone williams right?
i know how y’all know he released personality and all that
he was just having fun
i feel like doing the same thing to be honest with you
i just turned 18 so… i’m just gonna have fun with it
aight man… how am i gonna go in on this thing?
this is like my first official song
man don’t think of it too deeply alright?
working on this ep, and planning the album at the same time y’all
2021 gonna be hard alright?
y’all be ready
you know i’m just gonna do this thing in one take
i’m just gonna say whatever

[verse 1]
bursting into this game like a meteorite
just turned 18 so i’m up staying up all night
yeah, that’s how it works
doing this thing like sebastian i’m putting in hard work
yeah, everybody gotta start somewhere this is something
can’t go anywhere if you put in nothing
thats why im spitting off the top of the dome and now i’m stumbling
rumbling, this whole world begins to shake up
when you speak to my face i can see through those pretty lies, you need some more makeup
don’t take it personal this ain’t no attack
bombing these motherf*ckers like they is iraq
so when i’m on the mic i just snap
like thanos with them stones
all of my life i been alone
it don’t stop me from succeeding
so when i see these people popping pills
i recognize its only a temporary bandage to stop the bleeding
cuz its the only thing they be needing
yeah its the only thing they be needing
[verse 2]
yeah man i tried to tell y’all that’s like my first verse
i kinda just spewed that off the top of my head bro im not gonna lie
but this is just how i roll
everything i do is my own
i ain’t young or old but imma be young forever
a motherf*cker that’s too clever
yeah, i really am too clever
man 2021 i’m telling y’all man
imma drop a debut album that year
at least that’s my plan
we’ll see how it goes
que the second verse
i don’t even gotta rehe*rs* to put these people in the dirt
yeah i just bury them, like a fossil
back in 2018 tyrone was taking care of business, but i still had to be hostile