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lirik lagu paper mache – lesso


chorus (badnana)
i need my paper, can’t do a b-tch no favors, can’t even talk to me/too busy counting this money, trying to run back now i’m cool off that, yeah (x2)

verse 1 (lesso)
gucci on my collar bone i’m dripping in designer/ i got loud inside my blunt and b-tch i’m smoking it with nana/ i got rich people problems i be dreaming about this prada/ we been talking on collect free my brother jah who locked up/ i be saucy when i speak i keep it spicy like some salsa/ i want me a bad b-tch p-ssy juicier then jamba/ i just smoked a fat wood it helped me channel all my chakra/ way i came up out the jungle to a king like im mufasa/ i got dope flows, it could be addictive like you sniffing on that stone cold/ drippy is my middle name i should have worked at cold stone/ wrist is super icey it reminds me of a snow cone/ reaching for my jewels then you just asking for a broke nose/ aye, and i got all of my priorities straight/ all you do is cap a lot so all of your priorities fake/ you ain’t even ready when that gun shoot and we start the race/ i be scamming uber’s i ain’t worried about no parking place

chorus (badnana)

verse 2 (badnana)
miss independent yeah thats me/ don’t want a baby or shortie/ because i’m self made, yeah/ all i think about is getting paid/ i’m a strong minded person don’t got time to waste because i like being alone/ with my wine gl-ss, and my red lace robe/ smelling like your boyfriend wearing his cologne/ can’t sh-t talk when i fed you/ taught you how to walk, how to walk/ pick your head up/ now i’m fed up/ now you telling everybody that you better

chorus (badnana)