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lirik lagu you’re killing me (feat. nick diener of the swellers) – let it happen


without a doubt, i took the dive for the good life and it pulls me down. it’s dark for miles in every direction

the last time we spoke i forgot to mention the things i believe about the heart and the soul and how one hates the other but the other can’t know

take a deep breath

hold it in tight

take all you know. destroy it tonight!

i’m bound to a brick and sinking quickly
reaching for the surface, i hope that this is worth it. clenching my chest i feel things slipping

further along away from me. come on now, you’re k!lling me

ten days ’til freedom now

at home on the road again. old home grown habits die hard

we’re still here in the end

struggle is just the catalyst exposing who we are

the price to pay to understand is nothing but a scar

this whole thing is a process unfolding all the time. seeing life through closed eyes is a glorified crime

cut away and watch the weight sink and fade and start a new page