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lirik lagu all of that life – lexia allies


(verse 1)
if your hiding the moment of my life
doesn’t help the survive that we will make it
even i try to belong here
you know who i am
but i understand what it can bring
the rising of my shoulders are lifting above

you know that right now so right beside me
i’m thinking twice of it’s all
the friends i had with the care for the lifetime
you should really all of that life to be matter
you should really all of that life to be matter
don’t get the hopes running in place
just wanna try for the barrin end

(jonny verse)
maybe your the closer to the weakness
i can go home for the free time
i am willing to do everything
your trying to get me through
the days gone the hurts i’m missing
don’t you feel the feeling in the moment

(verse 3)
the moments of tears were broken
can’t you hid the secret were born
something i wouldn’t have to change without you
if your inside
if your hiding
if your scoling near me
like you have the love to be with me