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lirik lagu 1997 (no concept) – lezeyeh


[intro – lezeyeh]

[verse – lezeyeh]
woke up at 3,beat on repeat
sh-t i can’t sleep, d-mn sh-t been deep
bae in ear,same vans on my feet
ain’t seen change in the last few weeks

no wonder why n-gg- just can’t catch sleep
gotta put in work so they can’t catch me
ain’t an athlete but i run that heat
i run this sh-t from the opposite of east

beast of the eve
feast on beats ,like a kid on kish
feeding on beef
with proof of the feast
check the sauce in your ears
share with your peers,don’t sleep on the kid

if you a wack mother f-cker don’t bring that here

i don’t think you wanna get on my bad side fam
d-mn,van dam with the stance
d-mn it the man,done done it again
d-mn with the flow
but it don’t stand still so it’s more like the ocean
wavy, 90s baby

surfing my own wave

look !
surf your own wave , n-body gon do it for ya

nigg’,if you gadda sell drugs,go on and sell em
n-body gon do it for ya

baby hoe if you wanna go hoe!, n-body gon do it for ya!

aslong as you doing your hustle, n-body gon do it for ya

so the takes i take,i gotta take
these gigs i get , i gotta make it
can’t be late, i gotta k!ll sh-t
can’t be lame i can’t delay

sometimes i feel like matrix mayne
or anime ,the f-ck im saying
im kunta cray ,we can’t touch base
your interphase, can’t catch my pace
im loco mayne!

notice that didn’t make sense?
the f-ck am i doing?

leveling up, n-gg- sit down and just shut the f-ck up
get you a scope ,sit down and just watch
a star shooting up

no you can’t stop me man
hater whatsup
you hate cause you don’t understand
the roll of the man

mandem can to k!ll sh-t on some i’ll sh-t
bars and bars till i stack them millions
stack some millinz till the f-cking ceiling
you can’t catch me f-ck your feelings…

[outro – lezeyeh]
f-ck yo, feelings…
feelin’ ,whatcha … feelin