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lirik lagu cash rules – li63rty


i’m just, sh*t you know the vibes
cash rules

[verse 1]
i’m that dyk* from the eastside (eastside)
still gripping on that four*five (uh huh)
always feeling up ya girl thighs (sh*t)
and i’m sliding n*gga who ride? (who ridin’)
it’s been a long winter
had to stay on my grizzy (get money n*gga)
had ya chick l!cky l!cky my nookie
until she got dizzy
cash rules everything around me n*gga
all this money coming
ima need more k!lla’s
cash rules, i’m just saying
i’m just saying, i’m just saying
i’m just saying, cash rules

[verse 2]
no problems
that’s how the money should come
i’m spending like i’m tryna prove
biggie was so dead wrong (baby, baby)
got the game on lock
and i know they can’t stand it
(i know ya hate a n*gga, shinin’)
all black looking like a thugged out bandit
ok now galaxy flow hoe
i’m sp*ce jammin’
(got me dancin’ in this m*th*f*cka)
i know ya n*ggas like how
i got the money dance
(got me thuggin’ in this muthf*cka)
k!llin this sh*t
and i’m beating all charges (uh)
and i’m more like a villain
i be chillin in the darkness
with my hittaz and k!llaz and drug dealers
screaming, cash rules
i’m just saying cash rules

[verse 3]
cash rules everything around me
cream get the money
dolla dolla dolla f*ck it
you know the motto
i’m that thug out chick
always creeping with a model
f*ck rosè i sip dussè
straight out the bottle
ain’t the same, it’s just me
attire on fleek
riding, just dirty with my caviar dreams
drop the top all these haters in shock
finna open shop
i’ma whip it til it lock
catch me on the block
while i’m dipping from the cops
with two glock’s
mark for death like a headshot
getting head from ya thots
o.g’s give me props
well respected (ha)
meh nah fear not (never)
and i’m bless too
the hustle you can’t knock
and i’m bless too
the hustle they can’t knock
all my life sat through the pain like a tattoo
still love my money and honey
screaming out cash rules
cash rules, i’m just sayin’
i’m just sayin’, i’m just sayin’
im just sayin’, cash rules

[verse 4]
real shotta
toot a hundred round choppa
boom baka boom baka boom baka
we ban the f*ck up
hit ya hood like al*qaeda
probably see me at the bar
spilling rosè on her pradas
life’s getting richer
i finally get the picture
all these b*tches get thick
when i’m sipping heavy liquor
probably gold diggers
i don’t pay them
i just dig them
nowadays you can’t tell
what these hoes sniffing
i just blow dro and get high
like blake griffin
i’m i die today i swear to god
i ain’t tripping
all my n*ggas good
f*ck n*gga i’m great
keep my grass cut low
i gotta watch out for the jakes
haters, snakes, p*ssy n*ggas
and pump fakes
sn*tchin’ souls for f*ggots
tryna touch my plate
i can’t waste my energy
k!ll ’em is the remedy
with success m*th*f*cka
you know my pedigree

uh, cash rules
uh, strictly the finest
cash rules, stop playing with me
cash rules