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lirik lagu 4dix – lifter puller


too many pills, they made a pilgrimage
from upstairs at the nice nice to the atm
katrina got a little bit religious again
she said “lord grant me twenty, lord grant me ten”
because i can get by with ten if i can get a little bit
from my friends
walked into the bathroom and and found the 4 hors-m-n
wagering and arguing over which one gets to do you in

war courted you relentlessly
had so many parties they almost snorted you
swallowed hard into relative obscurity
[and pestilence]
pestilence presented us with a kick-ss pen and pencil
it was excellent.
pitch a tent for pestilence, pitch a tent for

what happened on 15th and franklin depends on who’s
we knew you were a dancer when we saw you at the city
getting nice at the nankin.

famine is so glamorous
removed your ribs before cosmetic work was even
flirting with the journalists ensures at least a
critics h-t
famine, war, and pestilence were sucking off their
death was just watching, getting off on all the
he said s-x makes you smart but the drugs make you dumb
cued the record up to “comfortably numb”
licked his fingers, rolled them on the mirror and
rubbed them on his gums

and death came in a bl–dy mess
with a left arm on the treble clef and the right arm on
the crystal meth
seizured on the dance floor and slithered from her
party dress.

the kids were so impressed with death
they did the vss into “in love with jets”
[and whats left?]
the eyelids and the makeup kit
the mustache and the poker chips
4 d-cks and the apocolypse.