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lirik lagu pineapple – lil aone



[verse 1]
i was 13 living life well that’s what i thought
chilling on the block smoking weed and all different sorts
riding peds with my friends screaming f-ck the law
now i’m 16 with h-lla beef screaming f-ck the courts
they gave bro 5 years behind prison doors
life’s going on i swear it isn’t how it was before
rip jai, i dunno why they went and took him for
ain’t here physically but he’s in my heart forever more

[verse 2]
mum and dad said they wished that i’d change
deep thoughts in my head heart full of pain
really wanna change but i gotta make some change
put in nuff work it’s too much to throw away
wanna go back in time man i wish this everyday
i never listened i was too stubborn for my age
i wanna do good but it’s hard fam i’m struggling my heart’s fighting my mind i swear down i’m struggling

[verse 3]
mummy always told me i’m different to them other kid’s
mummy told me show love no matter what their colour is
but if they violate never fret to throw a couple fists
now i’m outere and beefing them other kids
if i see a paigon no questions i’m shoving him
get the drop on your yard you’ll see my n-ggas running in
blacked out my out see a yout threy’re bunning him
now i’m outere and i’m beefing them other kids