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lirik lagu 05 fuck em remix – lil’ b


[intro: wise older man]
imma put my money on this young n-gg- i know imma keep it real man,
lil b man i got yo back, bruh, and this from me man, for real, like i said i owe you man.
i got my money on this young n-gg- lil b, man, he taking over the world,
his first alb-m gon’ sell a million records,
he million, a million plus,
this alb-m going platinum plus,
we moving for that ganda, we moving for that diamond sh-t,
like i said, taking it to that world wide level, lil b man, i love you

[verse: lil b]
most of it is motivation, some of it is role play
you ain’t never seen my style, b-tch, or my wardrobe
black back, a blast first, n-gg-s want to get hit
motivation b-tch, way past pimping
and lets get it
way before the hobos and h-m-s, snowcones
n-gg-s off the motivation and dough home
black kids and white kids, mexicans and asians
want no hope, just to seem broke
now we gotta play him
motivation work on it
we gotta make it
you feel me
since, man its smelling cajun
look up to me now this is real cases
these n-gg-s so good i got that bad luck man
i’m knocking on wood they spraying sh-t up
maybe you could reach your destination, ok
rocking to the day
motivation till i lay, lil b
i’m rocking to the top scale
n-gg- want to see me fall but b-tch, the top rail
i ain’t going down, and n-gg- i ain’t falling off
these n-gg-s want to see the boss, but i ain’t gon’ let em see
gotta see across
n-gg- gotta see across
the only time you walk across
is when i part the sea across
i’m legendary b-tch
i’ma knock these n-gg-s off with this legendary sh-t

[outro: wise older man]
ok cool off now,
like i said, i got this money on this brother right here,
you know what i’m saying,
youngster got his thing, doing it,
he doing this sh-t,
and i’m putting money behind him,
i’m putting my house behind him,
i’m putting my car behind him,
i’m putting my life behind him,
like i said man, lil b, i believe in him 100 %, man,
we taking this sh-t to the top,
lil b my number one son, you know what i’m saying,
that’s my pop man, i’ma tell you something, man, lil b rocking, man,
past diamond, n-gg-, first alb-m going platinum,
he ain’t never dropped a alb-m yet,
everything been mixtapes to this step,
who f-cking with the young gunna?
who f-cking with the young n-gg-?
pushing that motherf-cking mind, basedworld paradise all to the day, man,
we on that motherf-cking grind sh-t, i love you worldwide,
everybody that’s holding down lil b, hold them choppas up,
let them bullets out,
we got guns with no bullets
we motherf-cking doing our thing,
we spraying things, we spreading love
we spreading positivity, i got b-tches,
we rocking, we taking over the world,
billion dollar championships,
n-gg-s can’t f-ck with my young n-gg-, lil b,
i’ma tell you something, n-gg-,
rocking to the top
any of these sucka -ss n-gg-s want it,
we taking n-gg-s out the game
n-gg-s ain’t playing no more,
n-gg-s sitting on the bench
when n-gg-s come through f-ck ’em.. straight up