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lirik lagu gon be okay – lil’ b


“gon be okay”

[barack obama]
that’s what’s happening in america right now
change is what’s happening in america

we made history for the first time ever
like i said, things’ll never be the same, you know
keep your head up, one love and one life to live

[hook (x2)]
i’ma ask how you doing today
we gon’ win somehow, someway
the world going through a critical change
i just want us to be okay

now i sit back dreaming a dream, a new being a spirit.
coming from my heart i think you should listen
i came from the top and hit the bottom
i never came from the bottom, that’s just a facade
like seeing water in the desert, this song is depressing
but it’s uplifting, holding on to my spirit
i’m so grateful when you hear it
it’s so live when you quote my lyrics
and the sun is coming out, chains is dead
you’re running in a race, just pace yourself
love for ease, i live for it, i’ma take it and leave
loving my seed, all the new kids, fathers is poppin’
just promise one thing, it’s on the option
bring us together, now or never
part through the crowds just to see the weather
i got enough room to take us together
more real friends: let’s get this cheddar
last but not least, the cheddar
i’m down for whatever, don’t forget i’m down forever
this is my letter to my fans of 2011
things have changed, and i do accept it
this is lil b
we gonna live forever, based world

yeah, there is a change but you know… it’s not bad
let’s live this one life we got



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