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lirik lagu p flame shoutouts – lil’ b


you know i gotta give a shoutout for everyone
who’s been rocking with me from the jump
that never jumped ship, you feel me?
talkin’ bout the jump that never jumped
i love y’all, let’s rock
shout out to the basedgod, first and foremost, off top
i got love to the creator, off top
no separation, it ain’t no comparison
wanna shout out all my real ones, from the jump
aye vanessa satten, i see you, xxl
basedworld, what it do?
everybody that been rockin’ with me from the jump
like i said, five times, y’all gotta remember, feel like i’m under that
feel me? i gotta be under the water right now
that’s why i keep talkin’ bout jumping
you can’t f–k with the jump ship, no
you can’t do none of that mane
you already know i’m from the waterfront
b-town, feel me, h2o, stay wet, but i love everybody
you already know what i’m talkin’ about, man
it ain’t no politics with me
we don’t do no extra sh-t, we don’t do no sucka sh-t
straight love, realness, fake sh-t get invaded
we got a lot for that, you know what i’m sayin’?
b-tch mob, task force, we in it, worldwide
billionaire type sh-t, took over the game type sh-t, you feel me?
everythang goin’, big moves, basedworld records, you feel me?
lil b, the basedgod on the beats, you feel me?
i’m talkin’ bout all of it, you know what i mean?
you can hear the beautiful harmonies, the feelings
i’mma tell y’all something mane
it’s real out in the motherf–kin’ stomach
like i said, platinum flame is all the pain
all the fake -ss sh-t, you feel me?
any motherf–ker that don’t respect it
you know, we don’t f–k with them, you know what i’m saying?
this music come from the heart, everything i motherf–kin’ do
from the gut, you know what i’m sayin’?
so that’s even deeper than the heart, you know what i’m sayin’?
like i said, my sh-t come from the gut
my sh-t past the heart, you feel me?
you get all of that, feel me? the whole body
we really movin’, lil b, if you already don’t know, you feel me?
i know the voice sound nice in 2018, you feel me?
like i said, this sh-t ain’t stopping
you already know a lot of history, man
be ready for that history coming next, man
you already know what it is
got a lot of artists coming, big producers coming
gonna be working on the basedgod alb-m
anything you need from me, i got ’em
real over everything, keep your head up
don’t even worry about nothing cause just know you got it
the real to the real, the real ones will always prevail
the fake sh-t don’t sell, you feel me?
not around here, you know what i mean?
everythang goin’ but some sh-t ain’t goin’
like i said man, it’s your boy lil b for life, platinum flame
thank you basedgod, basedworld records, we in this sh-t, 2018
yeah, yes, basedgod