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lirik lagu reflections – lil’ b



blue eyes mixtape
i got some in my soul
blue eyes, collect this mixtape, lil b, very rare
make sure you download my new gold house
download my new gold house mixtape, coming right after this

as my soul burns slow
and the ashes from my blunt keep my thoughts all froze
how i make it this far in the pad then the road?
how i walking every day when my boy’s casket closed?
what i deserve to be here?
with this stress upon my mind but music free the land
i can’t stop
that’s before the push or after?
my head right, my heart right, i’m ready for the war
i’m not playing the talk like most other n-gg-s
and don’t walk like them sucka n-gg-s
i got the game f-cked up, i think i love a stripper
but off gp b-tch, i’d never tip her
and you seen me on top
a few close ones gon be with me when i drop
my life is a daily watch
just bought a new home
but i don’t feel that home
why you let your baby roam
when they feel grown?
i know i got your back, that’s why you feel this song
long nights n-gg-s put me on the back burner
how i’m finna eat? how i’m finna sleep?
how i’m finna get minds in the better sp-ce?
top floor penthouse, that’s a better place
pistols coming out the wall, you just press the 8
b-ttons on front of the door in case you n-gg-s break
in, i’m waiting, the day ends, when they in, n-body wins
when i lose, i’m turning on the tv
wouldn’t play it in my shoes [?]
your love life, well b-tch, respect what i do
real friends beat the test to find you
from your past that was left behind you
i can’t see through the lights but i’m next in line to
grind too, grind so hard, i’m… the rhyme…

blue eyes mixtape
make sure you download the new gold house mixtape sponsored by based world records
sponsored by based world
shouts out to gold house
shouts out to the b-tch mob
blue eyes mixtape, thank you lil b
and thank you based god
for never showing your face but always being close enough so i can contact you when i need to
thank you based god

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