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lirik lagu 100 – lil big jeff


100 glocks
100 shots
from the block
stackin’ 100 bucks
n-gg-s hating tryna turn me to what they was
i hang with crackheads i be trappin while i’m stoned
i was 8 keeping a draco
my b-tch latina she fuego
pull up on you like diego
tryna put food on the table
i’m not hating on no lables
keep it 100 that my flavor
never ask twice for a favor
i rep better than the mayor
diamonds blingin, cell be ringing, crack in kitchen, b-tches b-tching, cause i’m cheating, swerving feelings, boy believe me, i ain’t no drizzy but still appealing, no religion, ain’t been in prison, still counting k!llings
shout out switchers ,switching lanes
my side b-tch gimmie better brain
p-ssy n-gg-s ain’t gonn’ quite the drill till they lose a needle in the vein
they don’t wanna hear the truth so they make it look like overdo
they don’t wanna hear the truth till you bodybag em in the boot

hook: 100(x?)
keepin it 100(x?)

100 rounds(x2)
loaded spas, i’mma clap
my ex from my hometown
shape like 8 but p-ssy drought
grinding bad racks expand
selling ounce like 100 pounds
snitchers got me keeping counts
boy you don’t know what they about
1 aim 1 name
i got my beast tamed real tamed
got no shame, i stay the same way
sip the henny not the champagne
we got codein for the d-mn pain
droppin 100s for the gold chains
thursdays? court days!
cause the fridays for the blood stains
no pain no gain
role play(x2)
i reload my draco though it’s automatic
all these twitter n-gg-s typing they be so drammatic
they don’t want no smoke they be acting so asthmatic
my b-tch so asiatic counting racks, matematics
i’m on soda haze
and i’mma top the blur with some buddha grace
i been smoking i’m so light the air can’t tell my weight
ran outta gas i cook the yola in the microwave
where’s the juice? fakers always tryna prove
where’s the juice? fakers they ain’t got no clue
coming thru’, i ain’t gotta introduce
b-tch i’m comin thru’, i ain’t droppin no excuse

keeping it 100(x?)