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lirik lagu 3asy – lil candy paint


i’ve been counting this sh*t so long, i was bound to make it stretch
gold inside the money counter, my thumb just caught a [?]
in the church [?], god keep having me blessed
how the f*ck these n*ggas trippin’ and they think that they gon’ step?
with the [?], i lost my breath
i could f*ck this b*tch all night if i perc right now, ain’t got none left
ain’t call to the bands, getting put down right now we doin’ money no reps
you hold no racks at 16, living these dreams, i ain’t need no help
when the pack touchdown, what’s that smell?
why real n*ggas goin’ to jail?
and all the bad ho’s goin’ to h*ll?
[?], just give me some euros
i’m in that [?]
if i gеt life, then i’m makin’ the bail
too much of this sh*t, thеy could tell
might just sneeze out some racks
it’s a breeze with these racks
having so much f*ckin’ paper, i got her breathing down my back
i give you everything, and i don’t even need it back
bought a bbl and seal, it’s for you and you attached
diamonds in my rings, got my boost up
you could show a ticket in my lane, shut the f*ck up
when the trx pullin’ through, put the trucks up
i cop balenciaga every season, n*gga get your bucks up
i just rob, create again, f*ck them funds up
we get super t’d and geeked, it’s no love
i can’t get caught out in public with no [?]
somebody tucked, come get he gun back
i won’t love a ho’
before i put my time in b*tches, i touch the road
why your neck turned, he said it’s dirty [?]
i know she tryna f*ck, she threw the skelly on