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lirik lagu nashville freestyle – lil darius & tay keith


(tay keith, f*ck these n*ggas up)

f*ck the ho with a rubber, she can’t fake a baby
did sh*t on my own, so they can’t say they made me
two*hundred on dash, i be driving it crazy
if a n*gga still broke, then his ass just lazy
i’m wrapped in green like my last name tatum
i was up a whole hundred ‘fore i signed to a label
rock dior cd like i don’t got cable
ain’t in love with no b*tch, i’m in love with the paper
my trap spot be jumpin’, i beef with the neighbors
if you save up your money, i bet it’ll save you
my daddy was there, but my grandaddy raised me
went and copped me a ‘cat when i wrecked the mercedes
in my hood, i’m the one like i’m tracy mcgrady
i’m moving exotic like crack in the ’80’s
pop out, fly as h*ll, i be dripped in the latest
grown money, can’t play with no kids
lil’ n*gga stand on big business
any n*gga move wrong, bro wicked
yeah, they say we ain’t gettin’ money, they trippin’
stupid check, bank account looking silly
i’m getting money, my ho looking different
circle close ’cause these n*ggas be switching
knew it would happen like i’m with the simpsons
i done spent a whole lot of racks on my chains
same from the trenches, i won’t never change
my brother ‘nem know i got love for the gang
i bust up a rollie and still bought a plain
i don’t f*ck with new n*ggas, i’m stayin’ in my lane
i ain’t claiming no set, so don’t ask what i bang
you can go ask my hood i was lit ‘fore the fame
i had touched me a hundred ‘fore i bought a chain
peanut b*tter seats in the rolls royce
you can get rich or stay broke, that’s your choice
amiri jeans stuffed with ten, each pocket all four
signed a deal, bought a couple bags, now we all up
we done set the trends, all the other n*ggas follow us
money too long, really used to ride the marta bus
stack to the top, ain’t no other n*ggas topping us
i would rather bust, i ain’t really tryna fuss

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