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lirik lagu 0 to 300 – lil durk


i lost nuski & rondo to some b-tch n-ggas
turn 0 to 300, hit the switch n-gga
and my circle no squares so you dont fit n-gga
draft day with my shooters so who you pick n-gga
heard some rappers from my way, they got they chain sn-tched
tryna pay my n-gga top to get they chain back
police rappin from my way had to explain that
name all in them papers boy explain that
opps all on my d-ck, want me to tweet ’em back
i can’t tweet ’bout violence, be on the news at 9
tell lil jojo no clout, man he in snoozin now
you feed a n-gga you just mad you gotta move around
oh lord, i called zu with that pipe, he like o dawg
and it’s a glo in my city, we dont know yall
they k!lled my blood cousin nuski, i’ma show yall
50k we watch the squad news post
50 commas you end up zeko, dead man
arm, leg, egg, chest, we talkin head man
caught my daddy with 8 mil he in the feds man
we catch a snitch then he a dead man
try to give me probation, i’ll take it any day
i dont smoke or drink anyway
i pick lebron over tony parker thats any day
i pick a srt8 over a foreign thats any day
my n-gga laughin, i be specific now
we cut ’em loose now we ain’t pillow talkin to b-tches now
i never heard a story about him really gettin down
(what he do?) heard he got a rapper for the low with em now
2 for 5, i gotta chill sh-t
thinkin’ bout my bro i wanna k!ll sh-t
at least i ain’t lying i keep it real b-tch
shoutout keke palmer she a real b-tch
oh lord, shoutout to them o boys
these p-ssy n-ggas makin no noise
i’m from chiraq, drillinois
so k!ll the noise i’ma tell em like- ohhh
i was in la, game wanted a hook n-gga
menace he my witness want that look n-gga
tyga went to go pay ’em i think he shook n-gga
yeah come to chicago and meet that wuk n-gga
or that count n-gga, or that last n-gga
or that twin n-gga, bump he in the feds n-gga
how you gon d-ckride the block then get a p-ss n-gga?
i see you in la you ain’t get no p-ss now