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lirik lagu 248 – lil durk


drugs straight out the capsule, send her ass to molly world
i don’t even drink, for real, but i d*mn near f*cked a bottle girl
i just bought a b*tch two pair of chanel’s, i told her, “model for it”
when i’m in the club with n*ggas i don’t like, we havin’ bottle wars
said to my man like, we on that n*gga ass, ain’t no talkin’ to us
give me compliments, my b*tch for real, but ain’t no talkin’ to her
champagne back to back in the gucci store when i walk through it
get high then i treat the mic like therapy ‘cause i talk to it
i sit back and ask myself “why” so many times
they treatin’ sports just like the streets, they tryna give ‘em fines
he in the trenches without a gun, i called and gave him mine
my peers are my day ones, yesterday, i say i’ma give ‘em time
hope [?] get right back off that time, they gave him fifty*five
i hate [?], he gone forever, we locked in on fifty*nine
he was my dawg, he was my rider, he was like 50 twice
i made it out, i beat the odds, you gotta be precise
me and my auntie had some words, that sh*t ate me alive
see my lil’ daughter bad as h*ll and she ain’t even five
he got the same time as a shooter and he ain’t even drive
a o*p*p got hit in his t*o*p and he ain’t even die
i’ve seen so many young n*ggas lose they lives
that’s why when i go to a funeral today, i don’t even cry
and that real sh*t run in my veins
some n*ggas i don’t f*ck with, for real, they just want my stain
i put ninety on your head, that’s one of my chains
and i can’t cap, that n*gga vern made me go to johnny dane
i popped a pill and hit my head, d*mn, i was feelin’ strange
i’m swingin’ first whenever a n*gga ask me what i bang
when you lose five n*ggas in one summer, that’s when you gon’ feel my pain
you ain’t got to sn*tch it, they’ll k!ll you, you can’t feel my chain
i’m the highest in the room, i feel just like la flame
they’ll give you life but change to a dub if you give ‘em names
yeah, my life for real, for real, this not a movie
if a n*gga i know support my song, they’ll call ‘em groupies
and they ain’t even meet lil baby, but they gon’ post his music
and that’s my dawg, for sure, hey, that’s my dawg, for sure
and i be stressed out with my kids, sometimes i don’t call at all
and you be actin’ like you off perc’s, but you off tylenol
i done popped some act’s and i told my mama i was off adderall
i buy that glock, i need that switch, i need that to ‘tatch me off