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lirik lagu 10 days (intro) – lil e killa


recollecting old thots

not memories but my old broads

money so tall i’m havin fold thoughts

countin this money fried i’m so lost

living day to day i feel like wiz in a telli

no face no case i feel like wizard kelli

i’m tryna cop the black light from belly

catch me in a dilemma no nelly

no cap i’m gas like that blue jelly

movin plates tectonic no felonies

only talk money that bullsh*t not havin it

get the play i’m passin it

everyday hustlin i’m a pessimist

what you want me to think

i am so fresh just like a peppermint

i might just go head and sink

in the verse rhymin n rhymin

have your head like a rink

my neck is so bling

my slimeys got timing so no they don’t miss

i will f*ck on your miss

1 shot in the party n i’m sure they will dip

1 shot in the the party i’m sober could be

1 shot in the party come over n kiss

shawty was off of a bean

off a the blues she just wanna dream

she rollin wit gang she jackin the the team

you know what i mean

you copy the flow

ain’t nothing to see

copy the the moves

i’m dancing with she

yo b*tch what i seen

can’t copy the dope

you dirty we clean

we serving the fish n moving them chickens

f*ckin yo b*tch until she is limpin

gettin that cabbage n cleaning the kitchen

gettin the dough so hot i need mittens

read through my notes got methods n writtens

been had the juice go get to sippin

i been aged my flow no i’m not kidding