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lirik lagu i gotta get paid – lil’ flip


i gotta get paid
(feat. ghostface killah, raekwon)

[chorus: lil’ flip]
real n-gg-z bust ya pistols in the sky
i’m a m-th-f-ckin’ g and til i die
i get that paper, and i’m chillin’ on the low
all i need, is more money more

[hook: lil’ flip]
cuz, i gotta get paid, i gotta stay paid
i gotta get paid, i gotta get this money
i gotta get paid, i gotta stay paid
i gotta get paid, i gotta get this money, man

[lil’ flip]
i get that paper for shizzle, i’m breakin’ bread with my n-gg-z
i ride around with them triggas, i clap back n-gg-
i shoot that uzi like hoops, i ride around in them coupe’s
got alligator on boots, my pockets fat n-gg-
we overseas with the wu, we blowin’ trees with our crew
all my clothes brand new, you gotta love it man
i’m on top of my game, rocks on top of my chain
catchin’ planes to spain, n-gg-, you know i’m thuggin’, man
we pushin’ whips you can’t buy, 24 hours we high
i believe i can fly, i’m f-cked up, dog
i smoke that sh-t you can’t get, we spit that sh-t you can’t spit
fifteen tracks, no skits, so f-ck all y’all


shorties bouncin’, forty ounces, lex gon’ kill up all the bouncers
round my sh-t, gon’ fall up out you
raw that n-gg-, bring horror up out you
thought about you, blow that forty and call the cops too
i’ma be out by four and route you
p-ssy -ss n-gg-, bring horror up out you, valor the couch, too
i’m amazin’, when they p-ss the gauge in
sky blue phantom with beige in
stop changin’ it, ride it for a month
then come up, make my change in it
not done, the best, to get it, uncle, let’s get it
what’s really real if lex can’t get it?
shaolin whip big techs again
f-ck around and caught me a mexican b-tch


[ghostface killah]
i blow your face off, cake off, then buy an acre, stayed off
my mustache like adolf, don’t let me pull my cape off
it’s superman lover, f-ck it, no other
we just a group of bad brothers, y’all p-ssy, now check it
rap deniro, crazy shapiro, pushin’ through customs
back from europe, and we changin’ our euro’s for money
the wallabees gummy, with so much paper i’m dead
call me a cheese dummy, and we dip our leaves in honey
awwwww, you wanna see the hammer?
awwwww, you wanna hit the canvas?
i will not waste my time on frontin’ -ss
n-gg-z, that do not excease