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like a pimp g mix - lil' flip lyrics


like a pimp g mix
(feat. will lean)

clover g’s, b-tch n-gg-
we make them girls get down on the floor
we make them girls get down on the floor
like a pimp, yeh, yeh

[lil’ flip]
as i walk in the do’ i’m watchin’ hoes on the flo’
n-gg-z dressed in fake throwbacks trickin’ all they dough
me, i’m a pimp i ain’t payin’ for no -ss
i rather be, in the clover tryna count cash
i got alotta hoes, and they carry all my weed
you give that hoe yo money and she bring it straight to me
got a bigger pimp cup, got a bigger escalade
you know how we do that sh-t it gotta be a better way
run the rap game used to run a cr-p game
n-gg-z can’t even go low ain’t that a d-mn shame
i blew up in a couple of years
got drunk wid a couple of beers
sold crack wid a couple of peers
i’m the king of the year

[will lean]
i make them sl-ts lick down on my pole
you can take a hoe of the streets but not a hoe, out a hoe
will lean yeh i know, and i’m all about my dough
i’m on the block everyday and i’m pushin’ that snow
on the road n-gg- pimpin’ these b-tches
n-gg-z hittin’ switches leavin’ jackers up in ditches
i’m givin’ n-gg-z st-tches if they f-ckin’ wid my dough
it’s the chemist (and lil’ flip and we don’t love them hoes)
cause n-gg- i’m a pimp so hoe bring me my green
fore i slap yo -ss b-tch wid my iced out pinky ring

we make them drops squat low on the flo’
we make them drops squat low on the flo’
like a pimp, like a pimp
we make them girls get down on the flo’
here we go

[lil’ flip]
now don’t you hate them old, lyin’ -ss n-gg-z
actin’ like they all gangsta
you ain’t rollin’ wid no triggas
that’s why you ain’t got no figgas
that’s why you ain’t got no deal
you playin’ with the wrong n-gg-
but you ain’t got no skill

[will lean]
yeh for real grab the k’s and kill
i got that four, fifth steel and i sprays at will
you lil b-tch bust ya head, like i’m poppin’ a pill
take you out, with the chopper on top of the hill

[lil’ flip]
we make ’em, swallow the nut so, follow the benz
you can, call all your friends tell ’em to, swallow my friends
we can, do this again when i, come to your town
but when you see me at a show b-tch don’t hunt me down
when i come around i want that dro i want yo hoes
i do that show, this year, i ain’t doin’ no more promos

haha, yeh lil’ flipper n-gg-
you know clover g’s n-gg-
will lean the chemist, will like a pimp
i got a bigger pimp cup now
david banner go get that n-gg- alb-m n-gg-
you know how we do it n-gg-, yeh yeh yeh
play and skillz, check out them n-gg-z
oh yeh my alb-m comin’ too you gotta feel me

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