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lirik lagu 4 minutes of hell pt. 3 – lil herb


my hunger is equal to my struggle
i came from nothin’
grindin’ then i made it to somethin’
the age of a youngin’
started hangin’ and bangin’ and hustlin’
he’s changin’ the customs
to make it in this dangerous jungle
in a treacherous war
people dying, n-body crying
all the sh-t that i saw
you expect me to sit on the porch?
every moment is yours
freeze up and you fall by the torch where i’m from
better not front in the city i’m from
homicides on a sunday in the city i’m from
young n-gg-, always hanging wit them older guys
we was bangin’, slangin’ all the white
but we ain’t oberweis
fantasizing, tryna be that trap n-gg-
can’t get to the money
we too busy tryna clap n-gg-s
standing on that block, where my mama told me
“boy don’t got right there”
but i was by that store right there
learned everything i know right there
me and broski, brought me to the block
he showed me the work, and he sold me the work
but n-body never told me to work
i used to post up, talk sh-t and tote guns
while we smoke blunts
we knew the price if we gon’ live this life
but we like so what
cause no one gon’ make a way for none of us to come up
but i’m tryna make a way for every one of us to come up
when the sun rise i roll a philly up, and load the semi up
by 9 o’clock i’m drinkin’ double cups and gettin’ paper cuts
we savin’ up, sittin’ on this money
now it’s raisin’ us. we trained to buss
you can run dog, that’s what this laser for
i think i need to, take a breather
cause i’m hot as fever
i’m about to bring some type of demon
right up outta me
cause i been feelin’ like you p-ssy n-gg-s tryna plot on me
that’s why i keep this glock on me
plus i got all this guap on me
but way before the flex you still could catch me
on that block out east
lost my homies, now i feel like god just dropped a rock on me
but i won’t stop, i can’t stop
gotta go hard, till my rate drop
spittin’ all this fire make my face hot
now i can’t wait till my tape drop
and i’m still up on the 8 block
late night me and j. dot
better think twice for you ride past
let the 9 blast now the jakes hot
i was bout to take a rest but
smoke told me, “bro it ain’t no let ups”
so i’m working hard like i’m in the pros
make a n-gg- b-tch lick my sweat up
she suckin’ d-ck and i just met her
she know a n-gg- next up
she hope i don’t neglect her
and she know i don’t respect her
and i might forget my sweater
but never leave the house without berettas
still the same n-gg- from the gangway
tryna flip a ounce into a phantom
catch me doing shows filling stands up
you know the gang turn the fans up
and you know we got them cans tucked
hope n-body don’t get blammed up
i be leanin’ i can’t stand up
and this b-tch asked me why my jeans sag
cause they tryna hold my bands up
heard somebody wanna rob me
well you bett’ not give ya chance up
2 seats in the 50 shot
i just hope i don’t get jammed up
and this 50 bett’ not jam up
i seen n-gg-s get in jams and
they ain’t even stay to pick they mans up
i seen n-gg-s shakin’ hands
then make the same n-gg-s put they hands up
i seen n-gg-s changed gettin’ change
n-gg-s that was cool since the sandbox
so i gotta keep my head up
16 and i got one head up
and ion talk, i let the gun talk
and she don’t never really understand nothin’
let a f-ck n-gg- ask somethin’
give a f-ck n-gg- every one
gave my young n-gg-s couple .38s
and some sh-lls let em have fun
young n-gg-s spend a lot of cash
cause growing up i never had none
i’m like, “oh i gotta get me some”
cause being broke wasn’t any fun
we got choppers for everyone
who want problems with anyone
i be tired of tryna tell y’all n-gg-s
where a n-gg- really comin’ from
and why a n-gg- gotta go hard
cause ion really come from nothin’
and i never been a runner up
cause it ain’t n-body runnin’ us
and lil mally got that sit em down
if somebody ever runnin’ up
imma always bond them killas out
what’chu think i got them hunnids for?
crazy james just knocked his sentence out
yeah the state done let a menace out
so i’m showing up at my n-gg- house
like the cop that move the tenants out
i see lil n-gg-s want some twitter clout
but i ain’t tryna put ya business out