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lirik lagu 00 intro – lil jay



lets get it (x9)
clout lord (x10)
carlito car-car-car-car-carlito
carlito car-car-carlito, carlito
00, lil ho, 00, 00
00, lil ho, 00, 00, 00

trappin’ cloutlord ain’t n0body f-cking with me
ain’t a n-gga in the world put fear in me
but a whole lot of n-ggas that feel me
coz i only keep the real k!llers round me
middle fingers to the critics try to down me
and i wish a n-gga would try to clown me
i turn to a hunter like bounty
n-ggas bleed the same blood just like i bleed
i be smoking odee til i can’t breathe
all i wear is designer, thats (shanae?) cheap
she still got the tag that i dont need
in the van smoking rounds when im on me
if you think that im sweet, run up on me
9 times out of 10 i got it on me
r.i.p to my dead lil homies
ill take you to war like tony
finnessin’ & flexin’ the plug
my heart like a system to judge
we robbin the n-ggas that think they be flexin
& take all of their money and drugs
who got? who got? all the money
who got all the clout?
who got all the guns?
for k.i. & tunechi blowing rounds