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lirik lagu 2 am – lil jujus


lil 14 on the beat
its 2 am i wanna answer the phone but its not worth my time you
need some some go talk to your friends that you left me for ( that you left me for)  then talk about me again go talk bad about me again its 2am why you still calling my phone

day and night saying i left when you the one who left me for your friends you left me for your friends and i understand but i never did you worng why you leave me like this ? why you have to be so rude why leave me alone in this bed room but i need you but you left me alone why you leave me alone its 2 am why you calling my phone i dont need you in my contacts i dont need you in my life i dont need anywhere i dont need you no more 4x

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go to your boyfriend 2x oh wait he left you again i never left you i was by your side 2x i was by your side but you left me like this i was trying to protect you but you thought i was joking you life was at risk broken my heart once broken my heart 3 times walked out the door and i came back i came back to support you when you needed me the most and then you said i dont need you no more and i was blocked in seconds i never left you 2x i never meant to hurt you baby girl